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UPECO creates and develops brands that take the leading positions in their categories. Our formula of success is to be at one with our customers. We create high-quality products that help to improve people’s lives. We use all our products ourselves and proudly recommend them to our friends and families. That is why we set the highest standards for our products in terms of quality, appearance and consumer properties. We never stop upgrading and improving the technologies we use, and team up with the top partners in the market.
Insecticides for Home and Outdoors
Best-selling insecticide in Russia
For more than 15 years Raptor has been effectively and conveniently protecting homes and people from insects. This brand has become the most innovative in the Russian market of insecticides. Every day, Raptor guards your sleep from mosquitoes, makes your summer days free from flies, protects your home from roaches and ants, and your woolen and fur clothes — from moths. Each component of the Raptor’s formulation is tested for toxicity for humans and animals. The safety of the insecticides has been proven by the Research and Development Institute of Disinfectology of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, and by the leading European laboratories.
Shoe Care Products and Accessories
Best-selling shoe care product in Russia
For 20 years, Salton has been offering outstanding shoe care products in order to make your new pair of shoes last much longer. The brand has become a true leader and innovator in its class. All products are formulated by professional chemists in the brand’s own laboratories and tested under the most severe weather conditions.
Salton CleanTech — your home-based cleaner and boasts a comprehensive approach to complex garment care. The line’s washing products have been formulated using the world leading innovations of the chemical industry
Salton Feat Only — is the beauty and comfort formula for your feet. This new line of effective and innovative products has been designed for advanced feet care when wearing shoes and as a post-treatment.
Salton Professional — is the line designed for demanding customers who look for professional shoe care products for their favourite shoes. The line boasts advanced formulations and a wide range of products for shoes of any colour and material.
Salton Expert — is the first professional shoe care line in the common distribution channel that is designed for maximum shoe protection and care under the most extreme conditions. All the formulations in this line contain the most effective components that facilitate prolonged action.
Insect Repellents for Outdoors
Best-selling repellent in Russia
Gardex is the repellent market leader in Russia. For more than 15 years, it has been providing reliable and safe protection from mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. All the Gardex products — from the most effective Gardex Extreme line to the most delicate Gardex Baby line — are thoroughly tested in terms of their effectiveness and safety for consumers. For this purpose, the Gardex brand cooperates closely with the Research and Development Institute of Disinfectology of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, where the safety of such products has been studied for many decades.
Gardex Naturin — is the line of the most popular basic repellents against mosquitoes and ticks in a convenient traditional format. The line boasts unique formulations: the components include essential oils that provide natural repellent effect and protection.
Delicious Natural Dietary Products Range
Racionika is the first «edible» brand in the UPECO portfolio. This is an innovation in the food industry that is based on the idea of substituting/enhancing your regular diet with low-calorie and yet delicious food. The products include only natural ingredients, such as dietary fibres, proteins and complex carbohydrates, and also vitamins, mineral nutrients and prebiotics. Racionika products help to lose weight without any stress for your body and regulate the diet to keep you fit.
The Racionika Relax line has been developed for comfort eaters who want to keep it healthy. The products of this line do not ruin your diet, and they also contain glycine, magnesium and vitamin B6, that help to cope with stress and mental strain.
The Racionika Immuno line has been developed to provide additional support to the immune system. The products of this line contain vitamins A, C, E and zinc, and also raspberry or honey with lemon.
The Racionika Sugar control line has been developed for those who monitor their blood sugar and control the type of carbohydrates in their diet. The motto of this line is «If approved for diabetics — approved for anyone». The range includes bars, chewing fruit jelly, chips and ascorbic acid without sugar.
The Racionika Diet line has been developed for those who want to lose some weight but still eat delicious and healthy food. The products of this line contain lots of proteins and dietary fibres, vitamins and mineral nutrients, and carbohydrates with the low glycemic index. Such formulation gives the body a lot of energy and helps to suppress hunger for a long time.
Home design products with sophisticated scents and effective products for neutralisation of odours
The Breesal portfolio includes two collections designed in collaboration with the world’s leading perfume houses. The Breesal Aroma collection includes decorative air fresheners with sophisticated scents with natural essential oils in exquisite formats and fine-featured packaging. The Breesal Fresh collection is a range of effective air fresheners that quickly and reliably neutralise unpleasant odours and contain natural components with subtle natural scents.
Products for Barbecue and Outdoor Activities
No.1 barbecue and grill accessories’ brand in Russia
Forester is the leading barbecue equipment and accessories’ brand in Russia. For 17 years, the brand has been building up and promoting barbecue culture in Russia, and also helping to make outdoor activities not only comfortable but stylish. The FORESTER brand today is the reliable equipment, well-tried recipes, and tasty BBQ spices. FORESTER is your recipe for a perfect BBQ.

FORESTER is a two-time partner of the «People’s Brand» awards, winner of the «Brand of the Year/EFFIE» marketing awards, Superbrand awards, world BBQ champion in the «FUN» category according to WBQA. The brand possesses 39 patents in Russia.
Soyuzgrill — is the brand of products for picnicking that offers reliable basic quality at a reasonable price. The target audience of the brand is people who take pride in their national cuisine, keep up the traditions and like to sit at a table with their families and friends. The brand’s range includes sturdy charcoal grills, smokers, charcoal, fire starters, and BBQ accessories. The brand’s motto «Never Let You Down» perfectly reflects the quality of the products.
Innovative Products for Comfortable Living in the Countryside and the City
Expel is a line of high-quality bio-products for managing bio-waste in a countryside house or city apartment. Expel helps to maintain a country toilet, remove any pipe blockages, and carefully but thoroughly clean the toilet at home. The products’ effectiveness has been proven by laboratory testing and is guaranteed by European manufacturers.
Collection of Stylish Car Air Fresheners
Deliss is the collection of luxurious fragrances for the perfect atmosphere in the car. The line’s products come in stylish formats that complement the car interior, with innovative packaging, and sophisticated scents that have been designed in collaboration with the leading European perfume houses. The longevity and richness of scents is achieved by using innovative membrane technologies.